Winners and Finalists 2014

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News, Politics and Business

Boston-May, "We Will Finish the Race"WINNER
"We Will Finish the Race," May
Mitch Feinberg, photographer

Bloomberg Businessweek-July 15-21, "The Hedge Fund Myth"FINALIST
Bloomberg Businessweek
"The Hedge Fund Myth," July 15-21
731, illustrator

The New Yorker July 8 & 15, "Moment of Joy"FINALIST
The New Yorker
"Moment of Joy," July 8 & 15

Entertainment and Celebrity

New York May 20, "Michael Douglas Is Liberace"WINNER
New York
"Michael Douglas Is Liberace," May 20

Bloomberg Businessweek-December 2–8, "J Crew: Teaching the World to Dress American"FINALIST
Bloomberg Businessweek
"J Crew: Teaching the World to Dress American," December 2–8
Justin Metz, illustrator

The New York Times Magazine-December 29, "The Lives They Lived"FINALIST
The New York Times Magazine
"The Lives They Lived," December 29
Henry Leutwyler, photographer
Arem Duplessis, designer

Science, Technology and Nature

Bloomberg Businessweek-December 9–15, "How Blackberry Became a Relic"WINNER
Bloomberg Businessweek
"How Blackberry Became a Relic," December 9–1
Photographs from various museums and art libraries

Audubon-May–June, "Up in the Air"FINALIST
"Up in the Air," May–June

The New York Times Magazine-May 19, "The Secret Lives of Germs"FINALIST
The New York Times Magazine
"The Secret Lives of Germs," May 19
Hannah Whitaker, photographer
Arem Duplessis, designer

Sports and Adventure

Sports Illustrated-April 22, "BOSTON"WINNER
Sports Illustrated
"BOSTON," April 22
John Tlumacki, photographer

ESPN The Magazine-September 16, "Floyd Mayweather in the Fight Issue"FINALIST
ESPN The Magazine
"Floyd Mayweather in the Fight Issue," September 16

The New York Times Magazine-November 24, "The Flight Risk"FINALIST
The New York Times Magazine
"The Flight Risk," November 24
Martin Schoeller, photographer
Arem Duplessis, designer

Runner's World-December, "Get Fit Have Fun"FINALIST
Runner's World
"Get Fit Have Fun," December

Women's Service

O, The Oprah Magazine-September, "Hair!"WINNER
O, The Oprah Magazine
"Hair!," September

BRIDES-October/November, "Get Inspired!"FINALIST
"Get Inspired!," October/November

Real Simple-October, "Your Ultimate Fall Planner"FINALIST
Real Simple
"Your Ultimate Fall Planner," October

Fashion and Beauty

W-December/January, "The Art Issue"WINNER
"The Art Issue," December/January

Harper's Bazaar-May, "Summer Fashion Issue"FINALIST
Harper's Bazaar
"Summer Fashion Issue," May

New York-February 18–25, "Spring Fashion"FINALIST
New York
"Spring Fashion," February 18–25


Bloomberg Pursuits-Spring, "Where Luxury Begins (and Ends)"WINNER
Bloomberg Pursuits
"Where Luxury Begins (and Ends)," Spring

The Fader-February/March, "Solange"FINALIST
The Fader
"Solange," February/March

Los Angeles-April, "How to Afford LA"FINALIST
Los Angeles
"How to Afford LA," April


Bloomberg Businessweek-November 11–17, "The Surprising Sophistication of Twitter"WINNER
Bloomberg Businessweek
"The Surprising Sophistication of Twitter," November 11–17
David Parkins, illustration

The Chronicle Review-May 24, "Scholars in Bondage"FINALIST
The Chronicle Review
"Scholars in Bondage," May 24

Texas Monthly-May 24, "Scholars in Bondage"FINALIST
Texas Monthly
"Scholars in Bondage," May 24

WIRED-December, "Bill Gates Wants You to Fix the World"FINALIST
"Bill Gates Wants You to Fix the World," December

Most Delicious

Food and Wine-August, "Vegetables Now"WINNER
Food & Wine
"Vegetables Now," August

The New York Times Magazine-November 3, "Broccoli's Image Makeover"FINALIST
The New York Times Magazine
"Broccoli's Image Makeover," November 3
Horacio Salinas, photographer
Arem Duplessis, designer

Texas Monthly-June, "The 50 Best BBQ Joints . . . in the World!"FINALIST
Texas Monthly
"The 50 Best BBQ Joints . . . in the World!," June


Vanity Fair-October, "100 Years"WINNER
Vanity Fair
"100 Years," October

ESPN The Magazine-July 22, "Kenneth Faried in The Body Issue"FINALIST
ESPN The Magazine
"Kenneth Faried in The Body Issue," July 22

GQ-February, "Beyoncé"FINALIST
"Beyoncé," February

Cover of the Year

Boston-May, "We Will Finish the Race"WINNER
"We Will Finish the Race," May
Mitch Feinberg, photographer


Best Cover Contest Readers' Choice Award

Voting for the ASME Best Contest Readers’ Choice Award began on Facebook on Monday, January 13, 2014, and ended on Sunday, April 13, 2014. A new category was posted every Monday through March 17. The top 10 entries were posted for two weeks from March 31 to April 13. The most “liked” cover won the ASME Best Cover Contest Readers’ Choice Award. 

Readers' Choice Award Category Winners

"Fed Up!," Fall

Atlanta-November, "Nobody's Safe"Atlanta-November, "Nobody's Safe"ENTERTAINMENT AND CELEBRITY
"Nobody's Safe," November

ScienceNews-July 13, "Bohr's Vision"SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND NATURE
"Bohr's Vision," July 13

Skiing-January/February, "The Skier's 65"SPORTS AND ADVENTURE
"The Skier's 65," January/February
Eleanor Williamson, designer

Parents-February, "Show Your Love!"WOMEN'S SERVICE
"Show Your Love!," February

Harper's Bazaar-September, "Sarah Jessica Parker"FASHION AND BEAUTY
Harper's Bazaar
"Sarah Jessica Parker," September

The Fader-February/March, "Solange"LIFESTYLE
The Fader
"Solange," February/March

America's Quarterly-Fall, "Freedom of Expression in the Americas"BRAINIEST
America's Quarterly
"Freedom of Expression in the Americas," Fall

Sauce-June, "Meet the Stud of Summer"MOST DELICIOUS
"Meet the Stud of Summer," June

Cosmopolitan-March, "Miley Cyrus"SEXIEST
"Miley Cyrus," March

Readers' Choice Awards Top 10 Covers
Atlanta-November, "Nobody's Safe"Atlanta
"Nobody's Safe," November
Cosmopolitan-March, "Miley Cyrus"Cosmopolitan
"Miley Cyrus," March

Skiing-January/February, "The Skier's 65"Skiing
"The Skier's 65," January/February
Eleanor Williamson, designer

OUT-November, "Josh Hutcherson"OUT
"Josh Hutcherson," November
Runner's World-December, "Get Fit Have Fun"Runner's World
"Get Fit Have Fun," December
The Fader-February/March, "Solange"The Fader
"Solange," February/March
DuJour-Spring, "Kim Kardashian"DuJour
"Kim Kardashian," Spring
Parents-February, "Show Your Love!"Parents
"Show Your Love!," February

The New York Times Magazine-October 6, "Harry Who?"The New York Times Magazine
"Harry Who?," October 6
Richard Burbridge, photographer
Arem Duplessis, designer

Vogue-March, "Power Issue"Vogue
"Power Issue," March
Readers' Choice Award 

Atlanta-November, "Nobody's Safe"WINNER
"Nobody's Safe," November