Honors magazines and websites that have devoted a single print issue or major digital package to the comprehensive examination of one subject

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New York - Single-Topic Issue

New York
David Haskell, Editor in Chief
“Ten Years Since Trayvon,” January 31–February 13

Bon Appetit - Single-Topic Issue 

Bon Appétit
Dawn Davis, Editor in Chief
Food Is Queer,” edited by Chala June, Elazar Sontag and Hilary Cadigan, June 22 at


 Louisville - Single-Topic Issue

Louisville With Louisville Public Media
Josh Moss, Editor, Louisville
“home.,” No. 2

 Stranger's Guide - Single-Topic Issue

Stranger's Guide
Kira Brunner Don, Editor in Chief
“The Ukraine That Was . . . and the One That Will Be,” Ukraine issue


 Undark - Single-Topic Issue

Tom Zeller Jr., Editor in Chief
Long Division: The Persistence of Race Science,” by Ashley Smart, Angela Saini and Staff; December 12–December 28