Honors magazines and websites that have devoted a single print issue or a major digital package to the comprehensive examination of one subject
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Bloomberg Businessweek
Joel Weber, Editor
“The Lost Year,” March 16

Judges' Citation
“The Lost Year” predicted with astonishing accuracy the devastating toll of the pandemic.
Unemotional yet wrenching, the issue read like dystopian fiction but was chillingly real.


National Geographic

Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief
“Earth Day 50th Anniversary,” April


Public Books and NYU Cities Collaborative
Caitlin Zaloom and Nicholas Dames, Co-Editors in Chief, Public Books
Preexisting Conditions: What 2020 Reveals About Our Urban Future,” November 16

Texas Monthly
Dan Goodgame, Editor in Chief
“Willie,” August


Vanity Fair
Radhika Jones, Editor in Chief
“The Great Fire: A Special Issue,” guest edited by Ta-Nehisi Coates, September