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Romper - Service Journalism

Elizabeth Angell, Editor in Chief
Best C-Section Ever,” including “What No One Tells You About C-Sections” and “Your Complete Guide to Recovering From a C-Section,” edited by Meaghan O'Connell and Melissa Dahl, February 2

 Golf Digest - Service Journalism

Golf Digest
Max Adler, Editorial Director
Hot List: 2022 Equipment Guide,” “Build Your Own Bag,” at, and “Surviving the Hot List,” at, January


The Guardian US - Service Journalism 

The Guardian US
Betsy Reed, Editor
What a Pregnancy Actually Looks Like Before 10 Weeks–In Pictures,” by Poppy Noor, October 19

New York - Service Journalism 

New York
David Haskell, Editor in Chief
The Strategist Holiday Gift Guide,” November 21-December 4



 SELF - Service Journalism

Rachel Wilkerson Miller, Editor in Chief
The Future of Fitness Issue,” including “The Relentless Reality of Anti-Fatness in Fitness,” by Kelsey Miller, and “6 Ways Fitness Instructors Can Check Their Anti-Fat Bias,” by Jessamyn Stanley, January 11