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The New Yorker
David Remnick, Editor
The Plague Year,” by Lawrence Wright, December 28, on

Judges' Citation
With exclusive interviews, exhaustive reporting and authoritative analysis, “The Plague Year” offers
the definitive account of the United States’ catastrophic response to COVID-19. 


Rosie Blau, Editor
“‘If I Speak Out, They Will Torture My Family’: Voices of Uyghurs in Exile,” by John Phipps, October 15 at


The Atlantic
Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor in Chief
Two articles by Barton Gellman: “The Election That Could Break America,” November, and “How Trump Could Attempt a Coup,” November 2, on

The Intercept
Betsy Reed, Editor in Chief
The CIA's Afghan Death Squads,” by Andrew Quilty, December 18


The New York Times Magazine
Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief
The Children in the Shadows,” by Samantha M. Shapiro, September 13

The New Yorker
David Remnick, Editor
Three articles by Peter Hessler: “Life on Lockdown,” March 30, “How China Controlled the Virus,” August 17, and “The Sealed City,” October 12


Jared Hohlt, Editor in Chief
The Store That Called the Cops on George Floyd,” by Aymann Ismail, October 6