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The New York Times Magazine in partnership with ProPublica
Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief, The New York Times Magazine
Stephen Engelberg, Editor in Chief, ProPublica
False Witness,” by Pamela Colloff
December 8

Clifton Leaf, Editor in Chief
Epidemic of Fear,” by Erika Fry


Mother Jones
In partnership with Type Investigations
Clara Jeffery, Editor in Chief, Mother Jones
Inside the US Marshals’ Secretive, Deadly Detention Empire,” by Seth Freed Wessler
October 23 at

New York
David Haskell, Editor in Chief
Before, and After, the Jogger,” by Sarah Weinman
June 3 at


The Verge
Nilay Patel, Editor in Chief
The Trauma Floor,” February 25, and “Bodies in Seats,” June 19, by Casey Newton