Honors news or feature stories that explore the character and background of an individual or a group of closely linked individuals
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The New Yorker
David Remnick, Editor
Survival Story,” by Jennifer Gonnerman, August 31

Judges' Citation
With great clarity and care, this profile of a city bus driver depicts daily acts of courage
and quiet morality. The judges called it a celebration of ordinary goodness and decency.
Alison Overholt, Senior Vice President, Multiplatform Storytelling and Journalism
The Remarkable Life (and Near Death) of Boxer Christy Martin,” by Allison Glock, June 17


The New York Times Magazine
Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief
It’s a Weird, Weird, Weird, Weird World,” by Sam Anderson, April 12

The New Yorker
David Remnick, Editor
Skin in the Game,” by Emily Nussbaum, March 23


Kate Dailey, Editor
Remnants on a South Philly Stoop,” by Jason Sheehan, October