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Gimlet Media for Spotify - Podcasting
Gimlet Media for Spotify
Lydia Polgreen and Nicole Beemsterboer, Managing Directors, Gimlet Media
Three episodes of “Stolen: Surviving St. Michael’s,” hosted by Connie Walker: “Episode 1: The Police Officer and the Priest,” May 17, “Episode 3: Don't Play With This,” May 24, and “Episode 4: Not a Place to Be,” May 31

Articles of Interest for Radiotopia from PRX - Podcasting 

Articles of Interest for Radiotopia From PRX
Avery Trufelman, Host and Producer, Articles of Interest
Three episodes of “American Ivy”: “Chapter 1,” October 26, “Chapter 2,” November 2, and “Chapter 3,” November 9, at articlesofinterest.co


Crooked Media and Audacy - Podcasting 

Crooked Media and Audacy
Zayd Ayers Dohrn, Host, Writer and Executive Producer
Three episodes of “Mother Country Radicals”: “Chapter 1: The Most Dangerous Woman in America,” “Chapter 2: Days of Rage” and “Chapter 3: I Am a Revolutionary,” June 9 at crooked.com

 The Economist - Podcasting

The Economist
Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor in Chief
Three episodes of “The Prince,” hosted by Sue-Lin Wong: “Episode 1: Redder Than Red,” “Episode 2: Hide and Bide” and “Episode 3: Patriot Number One,” September 28 at economist.com


 Serial Productions for The New York Times - Podcasting

Serial Productions for The New York Times
Julie Snyder, Executive Editor, Serial Productions
Three episodes of “The Trojan Horse Affair,” hosted by Brian Reed and Hamza Syed: “Part 1: The Letter in the Brown Paper Envelope,” “Part 2: The Case of the Four Resignations” and “Part 3: Sir Albert and the Missing ‘H,’” February 3 at nytimes.com