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Smithsonian - Photography

Maria Keehan, Creative Director
Quentin Nardi, Chief Photography Editor
Donny Bajohr, Photography Editor
Gather the Wild Figs,” photographs by Christie Hemm Klok, March, “The Inner Passage,” photographs by Virginia Richards, March, and “Flesh, Blood and Bronze,” photographs by Vincent Tullo, June

 Harper's Bazaar - Photography

Harper's Bazaar
Samira Nasr, Editor in Chief
Laura Genninger, Creative Director

Natasha Lunn, Visual Director
"Origin Story,” photographs by Renell Medrano, March, "On Beauty," photographs by Cass Bird, Renell Medrano, Josh Olins and Amy Troost, May, and "On With the Show," photographs by Jody Rogac, August


 National Geographic - Photography

National Geographic
David Brindley, Interim Editor in Chief, and Whitney Latorre, Head of Visuals and Immersive Content, for “Notre Dame Rises Again,” photographs by Tomas van Houtryve, January 18, and “Untouched by Time, This Pristine World Soars High Above the Amazon,” photographs by Renan Ozturk and Matthew Irving, March 22, at
Nathan Lump, Editor in Chief, and Whitney Latorre, Head of Visuals and Immersive Content, for “Britain's Stone Age Building Boom,” photographs by Reuben Wu and Alice Zoo, July 19, at

 New York - Photography

New York
David Haskell, Editor in Chief
Jody Quon, Director of Photography
Voyage of the Gross,” photographs by Thomas Prior, September 12–25, “The Pleasures of Outdoor Dining,” photograph by Beth Sacca, photo-manipulation by Joe Darrow, October 24–November 6 cover, and “Reasons to Love New York,” photograph by Pelle Cass, December 5–18 cover


The New Yorker - Photography 

The New Yorker
David Remnick, Editor
Joanna Milter, Director of Photography
A Harrowed Land,” photographs by James Nachtwey, May 9, “Waiting for the Bus in Uvalde,” photographs by Greg Miller, October 17, and “Blade Runners,” photographs by Philip Montgomery, November 28