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New York
David Haskell, Editor in Chief
Three articles from “Biography of a Building” by Matthew Sedacca: “Graham Court: The Gilded Age Rental,” April 27-May 10, “One Fifth: The Downtown Co-op of All Downtown Co-ops,” November 9-22, and “Villa Charlotte Brontë: A Cliffside Co-op in the Bronx,” December 21, 2020-January 3, 2021

Judges' Citation
This jaunty series explores extraordinary apartment buildings and offers useful advice, from the easiest way
to win over a co-op board to how to make one of these places your forever home.


Bon Appétit

Adam Rapoport, Editor in Chief
The Basically Guide to Better Baking,” April and on bonappetit.com, @basically on Instagram, @bonappetit on YouTube, and the Basically Guide to Better Baking Forum


Julia Edelstein, Editor in Chief
Read Together, Be Together,” by Catherine Hong, Molly Ness, PH.D., and Virginia Sole Smith, August

Christopher Plante, Editor in Chief
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guides,” by Julia Lee, Russ Frushtick, Patricia Hernandez, Nicole Carpenter, Cass Marshall, Dave Tach and Michael McWhertor


Texas Monthly
Dan Goodgame, Editor in Chief
The Year of the Taco,” by José R. Ralat, December