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ProPublica and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Feature Writing

ProPublica and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Stephen Engelberg, Editor in Chief, ProPublica
George Stanley, Editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Landlord and the Tenant,” by Raquel Rutledge, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Ken Armstrong, ProPublica, November 16 at propublica.org and jsonline.com

 The Believer - Feature Writing

The Believer
Daniel Gumbiner, Editor
Aristocrat Inc.,” by Natalie So, Winter


Esquire - Feature Writing 

Michael Sebastian, Editor in Chief
The Militiamen, the Governor, and the Kidnapping That Wasn’t,” by Chris Heath, October/November

 High Country News - Feature Writing

High Country News
Jennifer Sahn, Editor in Chief
Underwater Legends,” by B. “Toastie” Oaster, October


New York - Feature Writing 

New York
David Haskell, Editor in Chief
What the Right Found on Hunter Biden's Laptop,” by Andrew Rice and Olivia Nuzzi, September 12–25

The New York Times Magazine - Feature Writing 

The New York Times Magazine
Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief
The Mural and the Movement,” by Sarah A. Topol, April 3


 The New Yorker - Feature Writing

The New Yorker
David Remnick, Editor
The Floating World,” by Evan Osnos, July 25